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About Us


Chouxly Scrumptious was founded in 2021 by The Choux Sisters, Emily and Marguerite.

'Choux', pronounced like Shoe, is a classic French pastry.

We have taken the beloved choux pastry and turned it into an indulgent doughnut shaped treat!


When baked pâte à choux puffs dramatically, expanding into a light pastry that’s crunchy and crispy on the outside and full of air on the inside. That is why is is so perfect for filling with our delicious crème patisserie.

All our Chouxy's are then topped with the most incredible and innovative flavours! From your favourites like the classic Biscoff and Chocolate ganache, to a love it or hate it flavour like Parma Violet...  the list goes on!

As with all our products, these are home baked and made fresh to order. We are currently producing a set batch of flavours each month, which are available to pre-order online for our local pop-up shops and events we attend! If you cannot make it to an event please contact us directly if you would like a bespoke order!



In 2023 we converted a vintage caravan to our own Choux-Mobile! This was an absolute labour of love as the whole family got involved. We even hand painted the Chouxys on the outside! Therefore, you can find us at many local events in and around Milton Keynes and can hire us for your own private party or wedding! Check out the 'Find Us' page for where to catch us next!

As Marguerite is a coeliac, we are very passionate about producing safe gluten-free products and nearly every flavour Chouxy can be made gluten-free! We have also held dedicated gluten-free days in the pop-up shop in Wolverton, whereby we bake and sell a whole hosts of gluten-free products, like sausage rolls, vegan cakes and fried doughnut balls! Keep your eyes out for our next No Gluten All Goodness Day!

And of course we are also available for corporate orders, weddings, street food events and private parties! So if you have something special coming up and want your favourite dessert vendors there with you, send us a message now. Lets get that Chouxy Wow Factor locked in! 

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